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Dr. Prih Rohra and Dr. Mayuri Shende awarded the "Ace My Path - Author of the Quarter Awards"!

October - December 2022

Dr. Prih Rohra, an extraordinary fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, has been recognized as the "Ace My Path Author of the quarter for Oct-Dec 2022". Her expertise is primarily in Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology, and she has completed fellowships in both areas at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Rohra is currently pursuing a Genitourinary pathology fellowship at the same institution.

Dr. Rohra has made significant contributions to advancing medical education through her work on Ace My Path AP multiple choice questions modules, which were recently published on She is also involved in the development of several important upcoming publications by Ace My Path, including an AP MCQ book, Cytopathology Reporting Templates, Cytopathology MCQ modules, and Concise Cytopathology.

As an avid researcher with a keen interest in renal tumors, Dr. Rohra is currently part of a group working on the grossing protocols and reporting of post-immunotherapy renal tumors. She is also studying the usage of TRPS1 on cytologic smears and the role of Afirma testing in thyroid tumors. Dr. Rohra's research contributions have the potential to significantly impact the field of pathology and improve patient outcomes.

January - March 2023

Dr. Mayuri Shende, an extraordinary pathology resident from the University of Tennessee, has been recognized as "Ace My Path Author of the quarter for January-March 2023". Dr. Shende is a skilled author and has contributed significantly to the field of Hematopathology. She is the main author of the book "Ace the Boards: A Concise textbook of Hematopathology," which is widely recognized as an important resource for pathology trainees. In addition, she has authored the "High-yield section of Hematopathology" in and a limited edition lymph node pathology chapter in the book, "Ace the boards: Surgical Pathology Reimagined."

Dr. Shende's expertise in Hematopathology is exceptional. She has completed her Hematopathology Fellowship training at Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, Illinois, where she excelled in her studies. She is an internationally trained pathologist and has worked in various roles as a Consultant Pathologist, Hematopathology Section Head, and Head of Pathology in India before moving to the United States. Dr. Shende was selected for the ACGME-accredited Hematopathology fellowship program as an "exceptionally qualified international medical graduate" and completed her training with flying colors.

Dr. Shende has a keen interest in digital pathology and has provided digital pathology expertise in various research projects, contributing to publications in Dr. Koblinski's research core lab, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia. Currently, Dr. Shende is working as the Pathology Resident Physician at the University of Tennessee Health Science Centre, Memphis, where she continues to excel in her field. She is also an ASCP Pathology ambassador, actively promoting pathology education and awareness among medical students and residents. Dr. Shende's contributions to the field of pathology are significant, and her expertise is highly valued in the pathology community.

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