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Path Helpline is made by pathology residents, fellows, and attendings for helping the Pathology community and medical students who want to join Pathology. For the trainees, we will offer support and help during distress, troubles, dilemmas, or simply some questions about the field? Are you struggling with kids and managing your training? Or maybe you just want to know how does a day in a pathologist's life looks like?


In your distress, we will call you and be your "listening" ear. We will offer our best advice, maybe it will help you! Ask us your questions! We are here for you!

What makes our day worth -

#Pathhelpline stories:

1. One girl wanted some help with flow cytometry. She was out of practice with regards to heme for 3 years and was switching her current job to join a heme job. She was distressed if she can catch up with flow again. She also wanted to do a scholarly activity, which was hard in private practice. How did we help her? She actually wrote two books with us! We created a Flow Cytometry Course to help her brush her memory and skills on flow cytometry and now she is confidently changing her job to heme dominant practice at an academic institution. She is an active contributor to Ace My Path since then!!


2. The Second girl was lost in her direction of life. Being an IMG, she did AP/CP in her home country, wanted to learn specific hard subjects for which she just joined residency. She lost her father a few years ago, but to learn, she left her darling mom alone with her brother. She was not able to get enough exposure to the subjects and was thinking about quitting. We told her to be patient, trust in her dreams and try to get an elective or pull some cases and educate herself. We told her if she really wants to learn, she will. Trust herself. She said she felt better after speaking to us, and hopefully, we think she got some direction to keep moving forward and give her dreams another chance! She wants to learn thyroid and soft tissue. Do you think you have any way of helping her more?

3. A first-year resident was struggling with Autopsy rotation and was overwhelmed with autopsy reporting. We created our "Autopsy reporting handbook" just to help this person!

We have path residents, fellows, and an attending who help in this cause. Do you have some distress, dilemma, or just want direction? We will try to help as much as we can, and hopefully, our life will have more meaning. Message us if you want to talk.

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