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Author Spotlight: Dr. Snehal Sonawane, MD

Dr. Snehal Sonawane, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, plays a crucial role in the success of team Ace My Path. Her extensive contributions include authoring numerous books, conducting multiple courses, and providing valuable contributions to resources such as the Virtual Slide Hub and MCQ modules. Dr. Sonawane's expertise lies in GI Pathology, and her unwavering motivation, boundless energy, and innovative mindset make her a highly regarded specialist. Additionally, she serves as the team lead for our highly anticipated book on GU Pathology.

Moreover, Dr. Sonawane's remarkable achievements extend beyond her academic roles. She is the visionary behind, a pioneering web-based platform that serves as a comprehensive knowledge hub for information on various digital pathology companies and available resources. This platform further showcases Dr. Sonawane's commitment to advancing the field and sharing valuable insights with others.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions, Dr. Sonawane has been honored with prestigious accolades including ASCP40under40 and the Pathologists Magazine Power List.

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