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Ace My Path - Reimagining Pathology Education & Practice

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Consulting a colleague for a second opinion. Shot of two doctors working together in a hos

Who we are & what we do?

At Ace My Path, we are a team of enthusiastic and motivated US based pathologists, reforming the way pathology is practiced and learned. Our telepathology reporting team consists of world renowned practicing pathologists all over the United States. Our teaching team consists of all levels of Pathology educators, including attendings, fellows and residents. We love to dream and innovate together as a team! We love to reimagine the way pathology is practiced and taught!

  • Come Dream With Us!

  • Come Innovate With Us!

  • Come Ace With Us!

head of the scientific project and research team at the workplac.jpg
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Pathology Education

  • Books

  • Courses

  • Virtual Microscopy Hub

  • Educational sessions

  • Reporting Templates

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Consulting a colleague for a second opinion. Shot of two doctors working together in a hos

Worldwide On-Demand Telepathology Services

  • Primary Diagnosis

  • Second Opinion

  • Virtual Locum Services

  • Patient services

How does it work? The "Ace My Path Telepathology" is a on-demand virtual pathology department. We provide you with access to our remote subspecialty pathologists for primary diagnosis, second opinion, and tumor board services. Our pathologists are also available for explaning the medical terms in the reports to your patients. 1. Primary diagnosis / Second Opinion: Steps: A. Your department scans the slide or sends us slides to be scanned at one of our locations. B. Your office assistant uploads clinical notes / pertinent history and paperwork into our platform. C. Alternatively, the whole platform seamlessly sync with your LIS (available for selected LIS systems) D. Ace My Path assigns your case to one of our pathologists. E. Pathologist reviews the virtual slides, and signs it out virtually on Path Presenter virtual telepathology platform. F. If needed, the pathologist digitally sends orders for further studies, such as recuts / IHC. G. Final reports available digitally or directly integrated into your LIS, with our LIS integration feature. H. Pathologists upload a representative image into the report and into your LIS for archiving. I. Second consultation services are provided by our world renowned pathologists. Our scanning services are available in many countries worldwide! 2. Virtual On Demand Locum Services: Steps: A. Pathologists from all over the United States enroll in this virtual locum pathology service. B. A Pathologist will be assigned, credentialed and licensed to be able to work with your practice, remotely. C. Highly suitable workflow for smaller and remote practices. D. Workflow remains similar, with complete LIS integration. E. Frozen section services can be made available. 3. Tumor Board Services Steps: A. Similar to diagnosis, your locum virtual pathologist provides you with an online virtual tumor board case assessment and discussion with your team of oncologists and clinicians. 4. Patient Services: Steps: A. Patient's send their signed out pathology reports to our team. B. A pathologist discusses their report in detail and explains the medical terms to the patient. C. Oncology consultation available for select subspecialitites.

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Message from the Founder

​"There is nothing that you can't achieve. Dare to dream, dare to struggle, dare to fail, dare to persist, DARE TO SUCCEED, and then, dare to DREAM AGAIN!!"

Akanksha Gupta, MD

Founder and CEO

Ace My Path

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