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Author Spotlight: Dr. Swati Satturwar, MD

Dr. Swati Satturwar is an Assistant Professor in the Anatomic Pathology Division and a distinguished faculty member of the divisions of Genitourinary Pathology, Cytopathology, and Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology at Ohio State University. Dr. Satturwar has played an instrumental role in creating various books and resources with Ace My Path, such as 'Ace The Boards: Surgical Pathology Reimagined’ and ‘Ace The Boards: Cytopathology'. Additionally, she is one of the main authors and editors of our upcoming books on 'Genitourinary Pathology' and 'Pathology Informatics'. Furthermore, she has contributed to our various resources, including the Virtual Slide Hub and MCQ modules. Her lectures at our AP/Heme Course were highly regarded by the trainees.

Dr. Satturwar's research focuses on exploring novel biomarkers for genitourinary and soft tissue neoplasms. Additionally, she is passionate about non-exfoliative cytology and innovative applications of digital pathology and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Satturwar's dedication to teaching extends to residents, fellows, and other trainees, as she thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with them. She actively contributes to the field as a section editor for the Diagnostic Pathology Journal and serves on the social-media committee of the Cytopathology Journal.

Additionally, Dr. Satturwar actively participates in the American Society of Cytopathology, where she currently serves as a member of the Government Affairs and Economic Policy Committee. We are fortunate to have Dr. Satturwar in our team and we look forward to future collaborations to advance the field of pathology in every corner of the world!

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