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Surgical Pathology Fellowship
Reading Glasses on Book


​Fellowship fee:



12 months

Start Date:

July 1, 2024


Dr. Gupta: 860-994-8224


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The Surgical Pathology fellowship program intends to bring a structured curriculum embedded in your residency/ fellowship training program in the US or as a standalone certified fellowship internationally. 

The academic year is organized into 5 key components:

  1. Unknown slide tests followed by live interactive discussions by the leading pathologists in the field.

  2. 65 on-demand organ system-wise videos by subspecialty attendings on Surgical Pathology.

  3. 45 MCQ modules, having more than 800 meticulously curated multiple-choice questions.

  4. Virtual Slide Hub with 1000 annotated whole slide images and the most important high-yield points embedded into the WSI application. 

  5. Our world-renowned Surgical Pathology Reimagined Book in paperback and Ebook formats will be provided with the course materials.

Reading Glasses on Book


  1. Structured 1-year organ system-wise curriculum.

  2. Unknown slide tests with live interactive discussions with renowned pathologists leading the field.

  3. A fellowship certificate will be provided at the end of the fellowship by Ace My Path, USA.

  4. Perfect curriculum to be inculcated into the residency/fellowship program curriculum in the US and as a standalone certified fellowship for international trainees.

  5. Grossing, Reporting, and Microscopy, including IHC, differential diagnosis, and ancillary studies, will be discussed in a systematic way.

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  1. Breast Pathology -3 Weeks

  2. Pulmonary Pathology - 4 Weeks

  3. Gastrointestinal Pathology 4 Week

  4. Hepatobiliary Pathology - 2 Week

  5. Pancreatic Pathology - 1 Week

  6. Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology - 4 Week

  7. Skin Pathology - 3 Week

  8. Cardiovascular Pathology - 2 Week

  9. Neuropathology - 3 Week

  10. Head & Neck Pathology - 3 Week

  11. Male Genital Pathology - 2 Week

  12. Uropathology - 2 Week

  13. GYN Pathology - 4 Week

  14. Pediatric Pathology - 1 Week

  15. Medical Renal Pathology - 1 Week

  16. Forensic Pathology - 1 Week

  17. Molecular Pathology - 2 Week

  18. Lab Management - 1 Week

  19. Digital Pathology - 1 Week

  20. Gross Pathology - 3 Week

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